Family Focused Financial Planning
We help young families to maximise their money so they can maximise their time with their loved ones!
Are You a Financially Frustrated Family?
  • Do you feel like your debts are too high?
  • Do you feel like your assets are too low?
  • Do you find it hard to save for the future, even though you're earning a decent income?
  • Do you feel like you should be doing better with your money than what you are right now?
When Money Problems Lead to Family Problems
It's very common for families to feel Financially Frustrated when their cashflow is tight, their debts are high and their assets are low.  These problems can make life quite stressful - both financially and emotionally. 
In fact, Relationships Australia have identified financial stress and work pressure as being the biggest contributors to divorce and relationship breakdown within young families. And, unfortunately, for many families, these two things go hand in hand.
When money is a problem, most families try to fix it by working harder to MAKE more money.  But this often just makes things worse because it leads to more time being devoted to work and less time being devoted to family.
When it comes to improving your family's financial situation, working harder is not always the best solution because it can often just perpetuate the problems. Instead, a smarter solution is to make your money work just as hard for you, as you do for it.
But how do you make your money work harder? By improving the way you MANAGE and MAXIMISE the money you do MAKE.  Once you do that, you will be able to move away from being a Financially Frustrated Family and move towards being a Financially Free Family! 
What We Do In a Nutshell
We help our clients become Financially Free Families by;
  • Keeping more of their hard earned cash 
  • Wiping out their debts as fast as possible
  • Building up their wealth over the long term
By doing so, our clients have higher levels of financial certainty in the short term and greater levels of financial freedom in the long term. 
The reason we do this is because we believe people should 'work to live' rather than 'live to work'. Therefore, our goal when working with our clients is to help them improve their financial situation, so they can afford to spend less time at work and more time with their family.  
To us, maximising money for moneys sake does not make sense. We believe money should be maximised for more meaningful reasons. And we believe the most meaningful reason to maximise your money is so you can maximise your time with your family.  



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"It’s not the conventional way of financial planning. It’s really exciting for us that you are so interested in what we want for our family rather than what you get out of it."
- Rob & Davina Fisher (30)