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We specialise in helping young couples and parents successfully plan, save and afford their family home and children’s private school education.

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Our Philosophy

Our underlying philosophy is to help people find a good balance between saving for the future and enjoying life today. That's because we believe both are important!


If you spend all your money on enjoying today, you may not be able to continue enjoying life in the future. Likewise, if you focus too heavy on saving for tomorrow, you can miss out on enjoying the life you have right now.  Therefore, one of the best things you can do for your money is to find your Sweet Spot. This is the philosophy we use when helping our clients afford their Family Home and children's Private Schooling. For us, affording means working towards what you want long-term, without too much stress or sacrifice along the way. It means being able to do the things you want now and later. 


Everyone is different and will find their Sweet Spot at different points on the scale. This will always be dependent on your specific goals and situation and will likely change as your life changes. However, no matter where you're at, finding that balance is integral to building a financial plan that is suitable and sustainable for you long-term.

Spender Zone

All your surplus money is spent on your lifestyle today. It's unlikely you have a plan for the future or will be able to maintain your current  lifestyle long-term.

Sweet Spot

Some of your surplus money is directed towards building enough wealth for your planned lifestyle in the future. This allows you to spend the rest of your surplus on enjoying your lifestyle today, guilt free.

Saver Zone

All your surplus money is saved and you sacrifice on your lifestyle today. It's likely, that you're focused on delaying your gratification until a later point in time (retirement), which may or may not eventuate.

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