If you want things to Change for the better, Than You must change for the better.
-Jim Rohn
The three Money Mistakes Most Young Families Make
Too much debt and too little savings are common problems for many young families. But what causes these ​problems in the first place? 
After having worked with thousands of clients since 2010, a pattern emerged, revealing that most young families commonly make the following three mistakes . 
1) They Don't have a clear vision for their future
When families don't have a clear direction or purpose for their future, managing and maximising their money becomes something they will get to later. But as we all know, later means never.
2) They don't make a Plan for their Money
Failure to plan is a plan to fail. And unfortunately for many young families, their failure to make a meaningful plan for their money is a big reason why they fail to achieve the financial success they want and deserve. 
3)They don't Adopt Good ongoing Habits with their money
We all know that if people want to be healthy they can't just exercise once and expect to be healthy forever. Good health requires good habits. The same is true when it comes to wealth. Yet, all too often, young families have bad money habits which hold them back from affording the life they want.
These three mistakes cause young families to lack meaningfulness with their money. And when young families don't have any meaningfulness or purpose with their money, they fall into the trap of having money come in and money go out but they don't really go anywhere. 
maximising Your money comes from minimising Your mistakes
In order to help young families maximise their money, we developed a 3 step method which addresses the three most common mistakes young families make. We call it the MONEYFULNESS Method.  It's where money and meaningfulness come together to help people maximise their money so they can maximise their time with their loved ones. 
1) Uncovering Your Financial Aspirations
The first step of the Moneyfulness Method is where you create more meaningfulness with your money. Or as we like to call it, more Moneyfulness! 
This is where you get clear on the goals you want to achieve over the short, medium and long term. By doing so, you gain a greater sense of direction for your financial future.
But goals alone are not enough. To create a better connection between your personal world and financial world you also need to uncover the personal values behind your goals as well as your fears about your financial future. Having this level of clarity about your goals, values and fears allows you to better align your Financial Planning with your unique situation and create a personalised plan that best suits your unique personality.
This is where we start our relationship with all of our clients. We call it a Discovery Session. We walk through a series of questions to ensure we understand what matters most to our clients, so we can then help them to maximise their money for their own unique and meaningful reasons.
2) Determining your Financial Strategies 
Once you have a greater sense of what is most important to you, it's time to find the best financial strategies to suit your unique situation. Getting to this level of personalisation with your Financial Planning is important because what can be right for one person can be very wrong for another person. 
Having a personalised Financial Plan is a bit like having a GPS for your money. It removes all the doubt and uncertainty about what you should do with your money and provides a clear path to follow in order to achieve greater levels of financial freedom for you and your family!
Once we know what is most important to our clients, we then work with them via a Strategy Session to put in place a personalised financial plan that will best ensure they minimise their mistakes and maximise their money for what matters most in their life. 
3)Improving your Financial Behaviours
Once you've got your personalised plan in place, you then need to stick with that plan long enough to reach your desired destination. There are no quick fixes when it comes to achieving financial freedom. Just like getting healthy is all about developing long term healthy habits, getting wealthy is all about  developing long term wealthy habits. 
This step is all about putting your plan into action and sticking with it long enough to make progress and get a result. 
After we've put together a personalised plan for our clients we then have a relationship with them and provide ongoing guidance and support via our Progress Meetings to ensure they make progress towards their goals. We’re there to give ongoing advice and accountability at every step of their journey. 

We’re also there to update and adjust their plan every year as their life changes via our Annual Review & Re-discovery Meetings.  No matter what happens, our mission is to help our clients maximise their money, minimise their mistakes and make progress towards their goals.
Is the Moneyfulness Method Right For You?
The Moneyfulness Method is all about helping you to maximise your money for the things that matter most to you. Each stage of the method has been designed to ensure your Financial Aspirations, Financial Strategies and Financial Behaviours are all aligned in the best way possible to make progress towards greater levels of Financial Freedom.
How Is It Delivered?
We take clients through the Moneyfulness Method via one on one coaching and small group workshops to make sure they receive the advice, assistance and attention required to be successful with their Financial Planning.
In order to provide a quality service like this and due to capacity reasons, we are only able to work with a limited number of families each year. This usually means we can only take on 1-2 new clients per month. 
Given that we are only able to work with a small number of families, we always want to make sure that we only choose to work with families who we feel will get a lot of value from the Moneyfulness Method and whom we feel we can have a strong ongoing relationship with. We believe Financial Planning is a very personal and important part of our clients lives and so having a good, honest, open relationship is critical for success. 
How Can You Get Started?
As you can see, we are very selective about which families we choose to work with. We only want to work with clients who we feel we have a genuine connection and can genuinely help. All of our clients are important to us. We see ourselves as their long term partner for achieving Financial Freedom.
Therefore, we do not start working with anyone until we've had some time to get to know them properly. This means having a chat (over the phone, skype or face to face) so that both parties can have a risk-free chance to meet each other and decide if we're a good fit to work together or not.
This first meeting is a no-obligation, no-cost chance to discuss your situation and see IF or HOW we can help you. If you’re interested in having a FREE chat then all you need to do is simply register your interest by clicking on the link belowOnce you've registered, we'll get in touch to organise a time and date that best suits you to catch up. 
How Does Your Family's Financial Planning Stack Up?
If you'd like to find out how your Family's Financial Planning is currently tracking, you can download FREE copies of the below resources. 

The Family Money

Mistakes Report

The Family Financial Planning Scorecard

"I just want to make sure that we're in a strong financial position before we start our family so that we can have a comfortable and fun lifestyle once the kids are here."
- tom Williams (33)
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