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Learn how to use our simple three-step method to maximise your money for what matters most to you!
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Emily Hayles
The Moneyfulness Method has allowed me to take some clear steps to creating the lifestyle I want to lead for myself and my family – a lifestyle where we have the time and financial freedom to spend time with family and friends and create memories.  As someone who is highly driven by my personal values, this was a method that really resonated with me. 
Lolo Adele
I now know that there are more options available to me than I ever realised. I also believe I have more control over my finances and financial future than I did before reading this book. This book gave me, Confidence, Encouragement and Motivation. It's a solid read with actionable advice and insights. 
Cherie Pasion
This book showed me that a good advisor should get to understand what your fears, wants, hopes and values are, and work with that. This book explains things really clearly and made it feel possible and reasonably straight-forward to do – I liked how it lays out what to do and at what stage to do it.
Liz Otto
This book offers a refreshing and relevant approach to financial management and provides realistic and achievable steps for the greatest success. I felt the methodology was intelligent, insightful, relevant and simple to understand and adopt. This book gave me a holistic understanding of; all the elements of financial planning, the key drivers for positive and negative results and a step by step guide that is easy to adopt. 
Cleo Davis
The book explains financial principles at a level that is suitable for a wide audience. Also, the real life examples used by the book resonated with me & this enabled me to have a deeper understanding of the principles. I think the Moneyfulness Method is a great introduction to financial planning & will help young families take a step in the right direction in planning their financial future.
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