The Moneyfulness Method Book Chapters - #3 An Introduction To The Method

As some of you may know, I'm writing a book! And it's my hope that this book will help families to improve their Financial Planning so they can enjoy more freedom in life. While I'm writing the book, I thought it would be helpful to share some of the chapters with the world.

Introducing the Moneyfulness Method The Moneyfulness Method is made up of 3 distinct stages which clients move through to minimise their money mistakes and maximise their money for what matters most to them.

Stage 1) The Financial Aspirations Stage This stage is all about ensuring you have a clear vision for your family’s financial future. By having a clear vision about what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it and why you want to achieve it, you will gain a greater level of clarity about what is most important to you and your family.

This is where you determine what really matters most to you. It’s the MEANINGFULNESS step in the method. It’s where you uncover your unique and personal values, so you can then align your Financial Planning in a way that is right for you and your family. This is a critical step in the Moneyfulness Method because your Financial Planning needs to be personalised to best suit your unique situation, goals and values. A financial strategy that is right for one family can be very wrong for another family simply due to a difference in goals and values. Therefore, knowing what your unique goals and values are will be integral in guiding what you should do at the next two stages of the method.

Stage 2) The Financial Strategies Stage This stage is all about taking what you uncovered at stage 1 and then using that to put together a personalised financial plan which will help you to maximise your money and make progress towards your unique goals and values.

This is where you work out what you should be doing in each area of your financial situation to maximise your money. This is the MONEY step of the method. It’s where you improve the way you manage your money, so you can make progress towards your goals and greater levels of financial freedom.

Stage 3) The Financial Behaviours Stage This stage is all about committing to the necessary ongoing behaviours required to actually achieve your goals. It’s where the magic happens so to speak because you move out of the thinking and planning phases into the doing phase.

This is where you turn your dreams and plans into a reality. This is where the Meaningfulness and Money come together to create MONEYFULNESS. You now have meaningfulness and purpose with your Financial Planning because you have aligned your Financial Aspirations, Financial Strategies and Financial Behaviours in a way that will allow you to use your money to live the life you want, both now and in the future.

Now that you understand the 3 stages of the Moneyfulness Method, and where the term MONEYFULNESS comes from, in my next post, I'll be sharing with you why I believe meaningfulness is so important when it comes to your money.




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